How to Use Your Outdoor Furniture Indoors

Outdoor furniture that looks like it belong indoors was a big trend this summer. Advances in materials and fabrics have made it possible to have fully upholstered furniture that are sturdy enough to withstand the weather. Now that summer is coming to a close, though, why not move the pieces inside and enjoy them year-round? Using outdoor furniture indoors is easy when you choose pieces like these four collections:

Using outdoor furniture indoors
The Gila Outdoor Collection is available now. Shop the look at
Family Room

The Gila Collection brings chicness and style to your patio or deck. We love its gorgeous profile with curved arms and clean lines. It’s perfect for comfortable lounging as well as upscale entertaining. It’s built to weather the elements as well as spills, making it a perfect set for your family room.

Using outdoor furniture indoors
The Otis Collection is available now. Shop the look at
Dining Room

Using outdoor furniture indoors is a breeze with the Otis Dining Table, which brings an industrial and rustic feel to your backyard barbecue. The solid Acacia base in a contemporary dark walnut stain contrasts with the epoxy and cement top. It’s also a great look for your modern farmhouse dining room, with the bench seating offering room for your entire family.

Using outdoor furniture indoors
The Fenton Collection is available now. Shop the look at
Master Suite

The straight lines of the Fenton Collection feature a perfectly irregular open basket weave, adding interest and style to your patio or deck. Plush cushions are doubled up for an inviting feel. Imagine this set on a sunroom, or use a chair in your master suite.

Using outdoor furniture indoors
The Coronado Dining Collection is available now. Shop the look at
Breakfast Nook

The see-through basket-weave design of the Coronado Dining Collection makes a distinctive design statement, while the plush cushions add comfort and a sharp color contrast. The collection would look beautiful indoors in a sunny breakfast room.

Father’s Day Style: Nigel Barker

Nigel Barker Outdoor Collection
The Nigel Barker 4-Piece Sectional is available now. Shop the look at

One of the most stylish celebrity dads is Nigel Barker. He elevates a space with sophistication and attention to detail, whether he’s behind the camera or in front of it. His chic furniture collection is proof that you can combine family with fashion.

“I’m a family man. I’ve been married for 22 years, and I’ve got two kids and a dog. Everything in my house gets used,” he says. “My collection had to look beautiful and be functional, but most importantly it has to be used and look good when being used.”

Nigel Barker Style

Nigel’s new outdoor furniture collection treats your patio and deck with the same philosophy. The sleek sectional, sofa, lounge chair and dining sets provide a gorgeous setting while you’re relaxing in the sun.

“Your outdoor space should be a respite from the world—a place where you can relax and unplug,” Nigel says. “My NB2 backyard collection is designed to be that calm oasis. Pulling inspiration from my life, I’ve created timeless looks with minimalism at the heart. My hope is that you will recharge in style and enjoy time spent with friends and family.”

Create a Nigel-inspired room by carefully selecting each furnishing and accent piece for its beauty and meaning. In addition, clear out the clutter and bring a sense of serenity to your room or back yard. While pops of color are always welcome, embrace neutral colors and natural materials, mixing textures and styles. When you design a space with livable luxury, you make every day special.

Broc’s Pick: Shane Outdoor Seating Collection

One of the best parts of Creative Director Broc Clark’s job is having a chance to see an outdoor seating collection before it’s shared on our website, catalogs and showroom floor. He also styles the furnishings to help our guests envision what their homes can become.

Shane Seating Collection

While it’s hard to pick just one, this summer Broc chose the Shane Seating Collection as his favorite outdoor collection. Made of a unique aged teak weave, the furnishings are strong and gorgeous. Extra wide arms and deep plush cushions ensure you will be comfortable for hours of entertaining or just lounging with your favorite book, and swivel chairs make conversation easy. You can dress the space up or down to enjoy summer in style.

Broc Says:

“While many outdoor collections scale down, the Shane Collection furniture is traditional sized and so comfortable. The frame looks like real wood, and the deep orange cushions are on trend for summer.”

Outdoor Storage Solutions That Are Also Stylish

It’s the season for backyard accessories, tools and toys, and that means you need storage. Give your garage a break this summer; today’s outdoor storage solutions become a part of your furniture arrangement.

From hidden drawers to organizers on wheels, you’ll find what you need to beautifully tuck away blankets, binoculars and bug spray. Take a look:


outdoor storage solutions

Hidden Drawers

An ottoman with a secret drawer. Need we say more? This is the perfect spot for storing sunscreen, sunglasses and magazines. And it doubles as a comfortable chair.


outdoor storage solutions

Storage Ottoman

Need more space? The lid of this storage ottoman lifts to hold pool floats, pillows and citronella candles. It’s also sturdy enough to double as a table, providing a great place to set your snacks while you chat.


outdoor storage solutions

Wicker Chest

This beautiful wicker chest adds seating to your space, while the lid lifts to tuck away cushions, blankets and more. No one will guess it’s hiding a mess.

outdoor storage solutions

Storage Caddy

Roll the party over here! This handy float caddy keeps everything for your pool tidy and contained. And it blends in with your outdoor décor.

Finding the Perfect Outdoor Sectional

Making summer memories is easy when you cozy up in an outdoor sectional. Perfect for the patio or deck, a sectional offers plenty of room to stretch out and relax or entertain a group of friends. A sectional offers a sleek, streamlined look to your seating group, giving your space an effortless, casual feel. And sectionals are an important trend for summer decor.

Before you shop, measure your space to see what size you can accommodate. Here are three types of outdoor sectionals and the kinds of spaces they best accommodate:


A Classic L-Shaped Sectional

Much like a sofa and loveseat, the classic L-shaped sectional seats three, four or five comfortably, depending on its size. Simple and sleek, it works well on any size patio or deck and provides a great spot for having conversations. The Lennox L-Shaped Sectional can also be used with a table to double as a dining space.


A Curved Sectional

A modern and hip option is the curved sectional, which is a great choice for a large patio. With no corners, this sectional can seat more people. And it gives everyone a great view of the focal point, such as your back yard or a fire pit. The Soho III Curved Sectional also makes a statement with its vibrant blue cushions.


A U-Shaped Sectional

Finally, a U-shaped sectional, like the Stannis Sectional, creates a cozy, intimate space that draws everyone into the conversation. It requires the most amount of room and is best for large patios. Use an ottoman as a cocktail table, which can double as more seating if your party grows.