Celebrate the Season with Whimsical Holiday Décor

Need some holiday inspiration for your home décor? Our Creative Director Broc Clark has identified three important holiday trends for 2018, each with its own distinct style and twist. Get a peak at the dramatic and unique Starry Night or stay true to traditional holiday style with Classic. This week he offers the latest look, Whimsical holiday style.

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Bright colors

Evergreen trees are lovely, but why not go unexpected and use a pink tinsel tree instead? Imagine the surprise on the faces of your friends and family as you color outside of the traditional holiday lines. Decorate it in all white, tropical colors or even black ornaments. You could easily leave it as is and simply string lights. Your holiday will be extra bright when you find a way to use vibrant colors.

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Flamingos are iconic—and they’re also the “it” creature of the moment. Make your front door extra festive by adding this whimsical rug. It might be snowing outside, but you’ll feel like you’re on vacation every time you come home.

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Tropical colors

Red and green are classic holiday colors, but add a sense of whimsy by choosing tropical colors for décor, instead. Turquoise, pink and purple ornaments will bring your tree to life. Or choose metallic chargers in tropical colors to add fun to your holiday entertaining.

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Your front door will set the tone for your holiday décor, so make sure your wreath reflects your penchant for whimsical. It can be as simple as an evergreen wreath with blue and silver ornaments. Or choose a wreath in an interesting shape, such as a square, or in a unique texture, like metal.

What do you think of Whimsical holiday décor? Let us know in the comments, and dare to try something different this season.


Adding A Touch of Whimsy to Your Décor

Whimsical accents deliver creativity as well as a bit of the fanciful to your décor, turning an ordinary room into a playful place that makes you smile. It’s as easy as choosing unusual artwork, clever hardware or colors that seem to take flight. Here are five easy pieces that are guaranteed to boost your happiness and your sense of whimsy.

Imagine this lovely llama perking up your living room or bedroom. Its colorful tassels and Hawaiian lei help release your inner child and demonstrate that you don’t take life too seriously.

Skull hardware? Why not? Instantly update a cabinet or chest with details that throw caution to the wind and add personality to your space.

The hottest animal of the season is the octopus, and this pillow goes all in with its bedazzled beauty, showing off your trend-setting passion.

A bicycle built for one becomes the coolest barstool in the neighborhood, demonstrating to family and friends that you love to have fun.

A pop of color, especially when it’s an avant-garde banana chair, will lift your spirits and make you feel like a rock star.