Feather Your Nest with Feather Home Accents

There’s something about fall that has us wanting to add texture to our homes. Wool and leather are naturals this time of year, but feathers are, too. Maybe it’s Tom Turkey that has us feathering our nest—we think feather home accents are a perfect option. Feathers are a hot trend right now and can work into almost any decor. They’re bold, textural and sophisticated. Take a look at these four feather pieces. Which is your favorite?

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Wall Décor

Metal wall art provides a 3D element to your space, and this feather wall décor brings a beautiful patina, as well. The soft colors would blend would complement any room style, making a statement.

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Salad Plates

Feather home accents can instantly change the look of your table when you use the image on colorful salad plates. These beautiful turquoise plates offer Southwest flair with the pattern, faux distressed finish and feather embellishments.

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Feathers can be fancy when they have the look of an inkwell and quill. This set of sculptures replaces a vase of flowers on an end table or even as your dining room centerpiece. The beautiful metal finish will look better with time.

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Feather Tree

A feather tree is an unexpected accent during the holiday season, offering a soft alternative to a traditional icon. In beautiful light brown, this feather tree would be beautiful on a table in your foyer or on your holiday mantel.

Color Crush: Brown

Not everyone would list brown as their favorite color, but it’s a hue that everyone loves deep down inside. It’s the foundation of nature. It’s leather. Coffee. Chocolate. Caramel. We love brown for the sense of warmth and richness it brings to your home. Here are four brown home furnishings that would look perfect in any home décor.

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Leather Chair

A brown leather chair is timeless, and the shape you choose will reveal something about your personality. This leather accent chair borrows design elements from the past to create a unique Mid-Century Modern feel. The exposed black frame provides a touch of contrast that makes the beautiful brown upholstery look rich and sophisticated.

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Cowhide Rug

It’s casual, it’s urban and it has farmhouse flair. A faux cowhide rug makes a statement in you room, and its rich brown color feels down to earth and rugged. Highlight its unique shape by layering it over a rectangular rug. It would look beautiful in a casual space or it would provide visual contrast in a modern room that’s sleek.

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Wood Shelf

Whatever shade of brown is your favorite, you’re sure to find a wooden piece that celebrates it. This wood and metal shelf features a dark brown finish. The open shelves provide a sense of lightness that gives the piece balance and draws attention to the beauty of the wood.

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Toss Pillow

One of the quickest ways to add a new color to a room is with toss pillows, and this lovely caramel pillow is enhanced with beautiful crochet details. It would add richness to your sofa, accent chair or bed. Brown home furnishings are perfect for fall and winter.

How to Host a Friendsgiving

What’s better than Thanksgiving dinner? How about two Thanksgiving dinners!! Family gatherings are important and traditional, but a growing trend is hosting a Friendsgiving, a special Thanksgiving-style dinner with your favorite friends. Hold it before Thanksgiving to create a trial run for the big day, or after to make the most of leftovers or serve something completely different. Here are some things to consider before hosting your Friendsgiving:

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Consider potluck

Friendsgiving is the perfect time to hold a potluck, making it easier than Thanksgiving because no one person will be in charge of the entire meal. Assign specific dishes or a category, such as veggies or dessert. Or be bold and enjoy whatever dishes show up in hand.

Set a theme

Another dinner-planning idea is to choose a theme and have guests bring something that fits. For example, set a theme of Italian, Chinese farm-to-table or even deep-fried. This could be a nice break from your Thanksgiving leftovers.

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Think about drinks

If you are serving alcohol, plan how you’ll stock your bar. You can make it easy and serve just wine or beer. Or create a special cocktail for the day, such as a special martini or mixed drinks. Or set out what guests will need for the most common drinks.

Make sure to accommodate special diets

Check in with friends and see if anyone has food allergies or intolerances, or follows a special diet, such as vegan or Paleo. Then make sure you have enough on your menu to fill them up.

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Decide if you want a special décor

Thanksgiving dinner usually includes a special holiday tablescape with a centerpiece, place settings, napkins and place cards. Friendsgiving, however, can be as festive or casual as you wish.

Do you hold Friendsgiving? Share you favorite tips in the comments below!

Setting a Holiday Table: Dress Up Your Dinnerware in Style

You could go out and invest in new dinnerware for the holidays. Gorgeous designs that are perfect for holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas are festive and fun. But you can also easily dress up your existing dinnerware with some easy and inexpensive details that will give you the same result. Here are five tips for setting a holiday table dressing up your existing dishes and making them shine for the season:

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1. Purchase New Salad Plates

Instead of investing in an entire set of china, why not purchase salad plates that you layer atop your everyday dinner dish? The single piece won’t cost a lot, and the top plate is the star of the setting. Choose something for the holiday or season, and it will look like you went all out.

2. Use Chargers

Classic white plates look chic and elegant when you place them on a charger. Choose luxurious silver or gold for a classic look. Or brighten up the table with jewel tones, such as ruby, emerald or sapphire. We love this snowflake charger craft idea. You’ll be surprised at the impact a charger can make when setting up a holiday table, and it can happen in a snap.

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3. Add the Details

Little things can make a big impact, and your choice of salt and pepper shakers, napkins and napkin rings can set the tone. Instead of classic white napkins, choose a bold color or pattern. Or stick with white and let the ring take center stage. You could even go simple, and tie a sprig of evergreen with twine or ribbon.


4. Roll Out the Table Runner

Add flair by using a dramatic table runner. Not only does it introduce a theme; a runner allows the natural beauty of your table show through. You’ll find a wide assortment of options designed for your specific holiday, or head to the fabric store and purchase a piece of velvet, satin or even faux fur. You could also use a beautiful plaid blanket when setting up a holiday table; the contrasting texture will create a warm, festive setting.


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5. Think About Place Mats

Place mats offer another design opportunity, and they help protect your table. Choose a color that enhances your holiday décor, or personalize a set of your own with this fun burlap place mat craft project.

We’d love to see how you create a festive tables design for the holidays. Post your photos in the comments below!

Hostess with the Mostess: How to Choose a Sleeper Sofa

Whether it’s your childhood best friend or an out-of-town relative, the holiday season often means overnight guests. While a sofa can be comfortable, a sleeper sofa is a better option if a dedicated guest room isn’t available. Before you head out to purchase a sleeper sofa, there are a few things to know.

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 Measure the Space

The first thing to think about is where you will put the sleeper sofa. Quite often a sleeper is used in a smaller room, so before you head out the door, be sure to measure your wall space. You should also consider the amount of room needed when the sleeper is in the “open” position. Most require clearance of seven and a half feet to open the mattress; you will also want to add space around the sides so your guest can easily get in and out of bed.

Another consideration is how many loose pillows the sleeper sofa has, as you will need to store them when it is being used as a bed. If your room is small, you may wish to choose a model with fewer cushions and pillows, so you don’t overwhelm your room.

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 Know Your Guests

Next, determine how many people you expect to accommodate. Sleeper sofas come in three sizes. Queen and full sizes are like their mattress-size counterparts and can sleep two. Loveseat sleeper sofas are generally 36″ to 30″ wide, slightly smaller than a standard 39” wide twin mattress, and are good for a single guest.

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Choose the Mattress

Finally, decide what kind of mattress you would like. Art Van Furniture offers three different mattress types. The majority of sleeper sofas have innerspring mattresses, which give the body support. These have come a long way and are more comfortable than sleeper sofas from the past. A new option is the air mattress sleeper sofa. This combines innerspring mattresses with an easily inflatable air mattress for an extra thick comfortable night’s rest. The third option is a memory foam mattress, which is just like the bed but designed for the sofa. Memory foam mattresses are available for special order.

Owning a sleeper sofa will make it infinitely easier to be a great host. And remember: “Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even though you wish they were.” – Unknown