Nigel Barker On How to Define Your Personal Style

Celebrity photographer Nigel Barker is a style icon. His look is sophisticated and effortless, and we admire his eye for fashion and detail. We caught up with him and asked him about his personal style as well as his tips for others who want to find their own. Here’s what he said:

How would you describe your personal style?

Nigel Barker: I like to call my personal a “fashion mullet.” On America’s Next Top Model you’d often see me dressed in a smart shirt, tie and jacket with jeans and sneakers. When you put it together it’s business on top, party on the bottom. Fashion is like life; it’s not one tone. Sometimes you want to be elegant, other times you want color everywhere. Ultimately my own style is not one thing; I like to have fun and combine things.


What advice do you have for someone searching for their personal style?

NB: I get asked this question a lot, and I always say I can tell you what I think will be best, but that’s just what I think is best. If you try a piece of chocolate you don’t need me to tell you that you like chocolate. You have to believe in yourself. It’s not so difficult. What do you like to eat? Do you like food that is plain? Exotic? Spicy? Do you like soft fabrics? Is your bed soft? When you go to films do you like romantic? Sci-fi? Action? Horror? What moves you? Start to write these things down; you’ll see there’s some sort of pattern. Style is the story you want to tell.

How would you describe your personal style? Tell us in the comments below!

Cindy Crawford’s Casual Style Home Decor

Supermodel Cindy Crawford has defined beauty and set fashion trends around the world. She effortlessly translates her wisdom to the art of home design with the Cindy Crawford Home Collection. When she’s away from the camera, however, her casual style home is timeless and chic. Cindy was asked to describe her style, and she said it’s not too trendy.

“I think my style is more what I’m not, and I think the furniture line really reflects that,” she said. “There’s an awareness of what is on trend, but I would not go with a trend if I didn’t feel like it would flatter me. And I feel like with the furniture it’s the same thing.”

Vogue 73 Questions

Get a glimpse into the Malibu casual style home Cindy shares with her husband and children in this Vogue magazine 73 Questions with Cindy. We love her casual style decor. Which room is your favorite?

Using American Flag Décor

Celebrate your patriotism with accents for your home that feature Old Glory. Not only is the flag a graphic masterpiece; it adds a bold pop of red, white and blue to your room. Here are two pieces of American flag décor that will enhance your space as well as your American pride.

American Flag Decor
The American Flag Chest is available now. Shop the look at
American Flag Chest

Imagine this cool chest in your foyer or family room. It makes a bold statement, and it’s quite functional. Use it to store games, linens or media. This piece would look great in a Modern Farmhouse style home, or in a Traditional house that features lots of Americana design.

American flag decor
The American Dream Wood Art is available now. Shop the look at

American Flag Art

The flag is a work of art, so it makes sense that it’s been turned into chic wooden wall décor. This piece features a sense of energy and rock-and-roll vibe that feels urban and rustic. It would look great over a white sofa in a casual or urban home. Or imagine it above a teenager’s bed.

6 Celebrity Designer Secrets You Can Use In Your Own Home

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hire a celebrity designer? Of course! While it may not be in your budget to fly them in and utilize their services, it is possible to emulate their style and implement their best advice on your own. Here are six celebrity designer secrets you can use in your own home:

Designer Secrets
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Mix Timeless and Timely

Timeless is a fresh look at traditional design and timely is a more livable version of what we know as modern design, says Thom Filicia. “Pair a classic rug with more contemporary furniture,” he told Pop Sugar. “When Timeless and Timely pieces are used together you’ll create an interesting, eclectic room that’s entirely your own.”

Fake Height With Low Furniture

Low ceilings? “Create strong verticals and avoid the horizontal,” Todd Romano told House Beautiful. “I adore large mirrors because they add scale to a room. I also kept the furniture low-slung, so the rooms seem taller.”

Designer Secrets
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Stop Looking For Permission

The only opinion that counts is your own, says Nate Berkus. He shares an example of his friend who has a vintage apartment with high ceilings, old metal doorknobs, pale grey paint and glossy white moldings. Then she added a shocking pink ottoman.

“Her space always makes me think of a very elegant banker wearing a chalk-striped suit with funny socks,” he tells O magazine, “why not tie a piece of twine around an antique glass decanter, or perch a branch atop a bookshelf, just because you happen to like the way these things make you feel?”

Put Investment Pieces Front And Center

If you love something, put it on display. “Use and enjoy your antiques and unique finds, especially in a utilitarian room like the bathroom,” Bunny Williams told House Beautiful.

Designer Secrets
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Pay Attention to the Details

Small details bring your room together and create a unique finished product, says Joanna Gaines. “Add detail to your decor with hints of color, fun fabric prints, decorative vases and wall hangings,” she tells HGTV. If you love Joanna’s style, be sure to check out her Magnolia Home Collection, available at Art Van Furniture!

Set the Tone With Window Dressings

“They’re a quick and easy way to make a room look more inviting and cozy,” Hilary Farr tells Parade. “For a modern look, hang curtains from the ceiling with a very simple pleat at the top so they will hang straight.”

Did you know Art Van offers complimentary interior design services in store and in home? Our designers will help you find your style and complete your look … all at prices you’ll love!

Throwback Thursday: Retro Outdoor Furniture

Remember those iconic outdoor chairs and gliders from your childhood? They’re back! Take a trip down memory lane and turn your back yard into a retro retreat with one of these retro outdoor furniture pieces. We love the bright red color, but they come in other colors, too, such as white, green and teal. Pour yourself a glass of lemonade and share stories of the good old days while you enjoy your outdoor style.

Retro Outdoor Furniture
The Daisy Red Lounge Chair is available now. Shop the look at

Remember these retro outdoor chairs? Place a pair on a porch or deck to encourage a friend to stay and chat. Or use four or more with an outdoor dining table for a quaint place to dine al fresco. The style is timeless and trendy.


Retro Outdoor Furniture
The Daisy Red Loveseat is available now. Shop the look at

Cozy up with a loved one on this super cool vintage-inspired loveseat. The striking red finish will give your back yard a pop of color.


Retro Outdoor Furniture
The Bates Red Glider is available now. Shop the look at

Enjoy a lazy afternoon spent rocking on this fun and festive glider. The cool pattern lets air flow around you, and the cherry red color enhances the retro vibe.