How to Use Your Outdoor Furniture Indoors

Outdoor furniture that looks like it belong indoors was a big trend this summer. Advances in materials and fabrics have made it possible to have fully upholstered furniture that are sturdy enough to withstand the weather. Now that summer is coming to a close, though, why not move the pieces inside and enjoy them year-round? Using outdoor furniture indoors is easy when you choose pieces like these four collections:

Using outdoor furniture indoors
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Family Room

The Gila Collection brings chicness and style to your patio or deck. We love its gorgeous profile with curved arms and clean lines. It’s perfect for comfortable lounging as well as upscale entertaining. It’s built to weather the elements as well as spills, making it a perfect set for your family room.

Using outdoor furniture indoors
The Otis Collection is available now. Shop the look at
Dining Room

Using outdoor furniture indoors is a breeze with the Otis Dining Table, which brings an industrial and rustic feel to your backyard barbecue. The solid Acacia base in a contemporary dark walnut stain contrasts with the epoxy and cement top. It’s also a great look for your modern farmhouse dining room, with the bench seating offering room for your entire family.

Using outdoor furniture indoors
The Fenton Collection is available now. Shop the look at
Master Suite

The straight lines of the Fenton Collection feature a perfectly irregular open basket weave, adding interest and style to your patio or deck. Plush cushions are doubled up for an inviting feel. Imagine this set on a sunroom, or use a chair in your master suite.

Using outdoor furniture indoors
The Coronado Dining Collection is available now. Shop the look at
Breakfast Nook

The see-through basket-weave design of the Coronado Dining Collection makes a distinctive design statement, while the plush cushions add comfort and a sharp color contrast. The collection would look beautiful indoors in a sunny breakfast room.

The Art of Late Summer Evening Entertaining

Backyard entertaining during a summer afternoon is a breeze. Mix good food with fun activities, and you can watch your guests have a great time. When you’re entertaining outdoors at night, however, there are a few extras you should make sure to have:

Outdoor entertaining at night
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A Comfortable Seating Arrangement

Since your guests most likely won’t mingle around the yard in the dark, comfortable seating is most important. Consider deep cushion chairs, sofa and sectionals, which will allow your friends to settle in for intriguing conversation. Also consider ottomans that invite people to put up their feet and can serve as extra seating if your crowd grows.

Blankets and Throws

Anticipate your guests’ needs when you’re entertaining outdoors at night by placing blankets and throws outside near your seating. If the air becomes brisk, they can easily wrap themselves in warmth without interrupting the flow of the party.

Entertaining outdoors at night
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Summer nights in the Midwest often see dropping temperatures, and the perfect solution is adding a fire pit to your patio design. Not only will this feature add ambiance and lighting, it will put out some warmth to take the chill out of the air. Choose stand-alone fire pits that radiate heat in chosen spots. Or select a fire pit table, where guests can gather to enjoy conversation – and perhaps s’mores.


Entertaining outdoors at night
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Lanterns and Lights

You’ll want to have ambient lighting during your nighttime gathering, and candles will do the trick. Their glow will create a wonderful sense of intimacy. Use lanterns so that a soft breeze won’t disrupt the flame. You can also fish out the old Christmas lights and string them in the trees or the spokes of patio umbrellas. Or hang them across your patio. Lighted fountains also add an accent glow, and they provide a soothing sound of running water. The more layers of light you have, the more enchanting your back yard will feel.


Buying a Hammock: The Dog Days of Summer

Buying a hammock can be a perfect complement to your outdoor furniture collection. They’re as comfortable as they are easy to maintain, and within a few minutes in one, it’s quite possible that you’ll quickly drift away into glorious slumber.

The hammock—be it the type that hangs between two trees or one that comes with a prefabricated stand for stability—is essential for warm weather comfort. Swaying toward Nap Land on a breezy Saturday is just one of the hammock’s calling cards.

Here are four different hammock styles:

The Dobson Fetti Double Hammock is available at
Standard Double Hammock

Secured normally between two trees or posts, the standard double hammock comes in a variety of materials – from canvas to mesh to rope. Try to select an area with plenty of shade (unless you’re working on a tan) avoid setting it up where it is too high from or too low to the ground.

Buying a hammock
The Genoa Sienna Double Hammock is available now. Shop the look at 
Hammock with Stand

If you’re light on secured posts or trees, many hammock models come with prefabricated stands, usually constructed of steel. In many cases, they are also built from waterproof wood, like bamboo. Art Van carries a variety of this style. These hammocks can set up on a deck, patio, porch – you name it.

The Noll Denim Brazilian Hammock is available at
Brazilian Hammock

Generally longer and wider in its dimensions, Brazilian-style hammocks allow those in repose to lie diagonally or in some cases, east-to-west (as opposed to the typical north-to-south position) across the middle of the hammock. The greater length and width, allows for users to establish a deep sag in the middle.

The Single Green Hanging Cocoon is available at
Cocoon Hammock

Sometimes referred to as hanging chairs or hanging teepees, cocoons have a teardrop design. Aside from the entry point, cocoon hammocks have fabric walls akin to a tent. You can climb in and chill, while being shielded from the elements yet still able to feel the breeze and listen to nature. They can accommodate a single person, or a small family.

Now that you know your options for buying a hammock, which is your favorite?

Color Crush: Blue and Orange

The hot color combination of the summer is blue and orange. These two shades are natural partners, as they’re complementary colors, opposite each other on the color wheel. Since opposites attract, the pairing is true love. Take a look at these three patios that make a statement in blue and orange. Which is your favorite?

blue and orange
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Deep Orange and Light Blue

The rich deep orange cushions seem to pop against the cool blue outdoor rug. The modern shapes of the furniture further elevate the freshness of this setting. This patio easily transitions from summer to fall.

Shane Seating Collection
The Shane Collection is available now. Shop the look at
Orange and Turquoise

The color story in this patio is orange, orange, orange, and that makes the turquoise blanket pop. A little contrasting color goes a long way.

blue and orange
The Brandford Collection is available now. Shop the look at
 Blue and Orange

The blue sectional and blue rug get a pop of orange with a beautiful tangerine square tray and terra cotta planters. This combination is a little more subdued with just the right kick of color.

How to Transition Your Patio to Fall

Fall weather is unpredictable, with the occasional warm afternoon followed by a chilly night’s air. While it can feel like the days of relaxing in the back yard are numbered, there is still plenty of time to enjoy your patio or deck if you transition it to fall. Here are five ways to create the ideal fall patio.

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Add Some Heat

The quickest way to take the chill out of the air is to build a fire, and fire pits offer the perfect solution. Choose one that allows you to burn wood, or check out easy-to-use gas fire pits that light with the push of a button. Fire pits can be freestanding or as the centerpiece of an outdoor table. Either will create a cozy atmosphere and the perfect spot to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate – or a hot toddy.


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Warm Up Your Colors

Bright colors like yellow and marine blue are perfect for creating a summery scene, but you can instantly update your fall patio by swapping out cushions or umbrellas. Choose deeper, richer tones such as orange, red, dark green and brown. The shades will complement the changing colors of the foliage in your yard.


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Add Lights

Shorter days mean longer nights, but you can easily add hours to your outdoor space by incorporating lights. From tabletop lanterns to twinkling strings of mini-lights, you’ll create a magical fall patio when you light up the area. Also consider highlighting walkways and stairs with spot and floodlights to create a safe path to nighttime entertaining.

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Use An Outdoor Rug

Warm up your feet by covering cold patio and deck surfaces with an outdoor rug. Made to withstand the elements, outdoor rugs add texture to a space. They also offer a great opportunity to add color or pattern. And cleaning is a breeze – just hose them off!


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Change to Fall Decor

Finally, let your décor set the mood by adding fall flowers and accents. Fill pots with planted mums. Add blankets, ottomans and throw pillows to seating arrangements to warm up your guests when the temperature starts to dip. A warm and cozy atmosphere will help you enjoy your fall patio as long as possible.