Summer Project: Give Your Teen A Dream Room

Teenagers live in their own little world, and sometimes that feels like it’s another planet. While we can’t help you decipher the inner workings of their complex teen lives, we can help you create a bedroom that they’ll be proud to show their friends. This summer why not create a teen bedroom makeover? Here are three ways to transform your child’s juvenile bedroom into a teen retreat:

Teen Bedroom Makeover
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Go for Grown-Up Furniture

If your teen’s still sleeping in the bed they had in elementary school, it’s time for an upgrade. For a more sophisticated, transitional look, choose items with clean lines that will suit teens’ almost grown-up tastes. Add flexibility with a bed that offers an additional sleep space for those all-important sleepovers. And don’t forget storage pieces like dressers and chests for their endlessly expanding wardrobes. Our youth bedroom selection has some fun items they won’t roll their eyes at. Plus, they’ll work well in a guest room when the kids head off to college.

Teen Bedroom Makeover
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Make a Statement with Bedding

Most teens would be mortified by the Pokémon sheets they had when they were eight, so shop with them to settle on something a little more adult. Instead of choosing another passing trend, opt for something more basic, such as a solid color or classic pattern. You can dress up the bed with fun pillows or a duvet cover that you can switch out later.

Teen Bedroom Makeover
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Deck the Walls

Let their creative side shine here. Have a budding artist-in-residence? Let them paint a mural instead of a boring eggshell white wall. For the film buff, help them frame movie posters or life-size cutouts. If your teen is a musician, try mounting their guitars on pegs on the wall—which will also open up floor space for that drum set they asked for. Or choose a piece of art that reflects their favorite pastime—like surfing!

However you and your teen decide to decorate their, like, totally awesome room, have fun with it. You’ll get tons of points for being the “cool parents.”